My Style

I found yoga through a lucky DVD purchase in high school. And thanks to the influence of a quirky yogini in Greenville NC, I continued practicing all through my college years. It was during this time that my practice began to grow and I took the leap to become certified. I have been teaching yoga for over ten years am grateful for the way my commitment to the practice has remained constant.  I love teaching large classes with an upbeat vibe, but private sessions will always have my heart. Whether it's a sold out class or a class catered to one person, I love creating custom playlists to suit the mood.

In 2014, I opened my very own yoga, art and community studio in the heart of downtown Wilmington, NC. You can find me teaching all-levels community classes there several times a week. Check the Pineapple Studios website for all the deets

Visit anytime, thanks for practicing.

Head on over to the contact page if you're interested in booking me for your upcoming yoga workshop or class.