This magazine and the stories that fill it represent the many pieces within each of us. I co-founded Sweet + Wilde Magazine with my dear friend Haley of Studio Wilde. We are a duo of words and design. Together, we are sweet + wilde.

Meet Jess! Editor Extraordinaire. She's a listening ear, a voice of support, and a shoulder when you need one. Not to mention, she's excited to read your magazine submissions and to get to know you on a soul-sista level. She brings the sweet to Sweet + Wilde Magazine. Unless of course you mess with her girl gang...In which case she'll unleash the Scorpio. 

Meet Haley! Designer and bed head with two speeds: graze and gallop! Representing the wilde side, she knows there's no beauty without strangeness and can't wait to see yours. And maybe photograph it and put it in a magazine. And then maybe get a drink after.