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I'm excited to announce that we'll soon be working with a few new retailers in 2016. Changes like these always send me back to the drawing board in search of new inspirations

Check out what I'm seeing, what I'm loving, and what I'm cultivating. I've been surprised by the things that are catching my eye... it seems like I'll be making quite the color shift this year! 

An Artist's Guide To Being Creative

Originally Published on iamthatgirl


I meet so many people who strongly and adamantly believe that they are not creative. They insist that they do not have any artistic talents or hobbies. But could it be that they just haven’t found their creative avenue? Ray Bradbury said, “We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.”

We are all surrounded by beauty, ripe and ready for us to pluck and use as our muse. However, I understand how it feels to be stuck and uninspired. Even the greatest artists have moments of doubt and stagnancy. Here are some tips and lists of my favorite ways to get the creative juices flowing!


Write daily. Write constantly. Even if you have nothing to say, try to describe in detail a specific moment of your day. You can write a journal entry, a poem, a list of gratitudes, or even a short story. Personally, my journal (which goes everywhere with me) is a collection of all the above. Not sure where to find the perfect journal? My favorite place to shop is and my current favorite brand is “Iconic.” If you’re really excited to dive in, you could even make and bind your own journals!

Vision Boards

Sometimes you need help jumpstarting the creative process. Vision boards can be a great way of helping you find a starting point. Pinterest can be a great online tool for vision boarding, but can sometimes be hard for more hands-on personalities. Plus, there is something magical about seeing your inspiration in a more tangible form. What about creating a space near or above your desk for some real life “pins.”

My vision board is filled with paint sample colors, magazine clippings, hand written notes, polaroids, and fabrics. If you are wanting something more private, you could also decorate the inside of a closet door. That way, it’s only visible when you want or need it to be. Do you find inspirations more from travels and experiences? No problem! Document inspiring photos using your phone and see what you can create using - I’m a huge fan of their contact cards for my vision board!


The ultimate muse. There is so much creativity to be absorbed through lyrics, beats, and rhythms. Lyrics have been the motivation for quite a few of my projects. Not to mention the thing that keeps me going during those long hours producing in the studio! Finding music that matches the mood and statement of your art can be really helpful. Some of my favorite albums to work to are Bon Iver, Light Grenades, and Lungs (Deluxe Edition).

Above all, remember to keep practicing and exploring different mediums. Just because you aren’t great at painting, doesn’t mean you can’t be a talented writer, etc. Just continue creating, seeking inspiration, and building your artistic confidence! Good luck!