Humble vs. Bumble: Finding The Balance Between Humility and Pride

Originally published on iamthatgirl

Humility is a beautiful trait to possess. It allows us to accomplish amazing things while still keeping our cool and remaining relatable. Humility keeps us grounded and aware of ourselves. Imagine the smart, talented, and witty female character in a movie: the one who has it all but doesn’t even know it. She’s enviable, right? Well, not always.

What about the moments when being humble is a disservice to ourselves? There is a difference between being humble and being afraid of your own strength. I like to call this distinction Humble vs. Bumble.

I recently opened my own business, which is something I’m still adjusting to. As I settle into this new workload and new phase of life, one thing I’m still resisting is pride in myself. I often catch myself saying, “I work at…” instead of, “I own…” Why do I do that? Someone recently told me, “You have to toot your own horn, because no one else is going to do it for you.” Nowhere does this quote say to be boastful or obnoxious. It simply says to celebrate your achievements. Why should we shy away from a moment of praise that we’ve earned?

As members of the I AM THAT GIRL movement, we owe it to ourselves to stand tall in our accomplishments. We owe it to each other to insist that we take the compliments we are given. As the saying by Marianne Williamson goes, “As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” This is our role in the I AM THAT GIRL community: to encourage the light within others to shine. 

Where are you creating shadows in your life? What are you trying to hide? Are you shy to admit a good grade? Embarrassed for people to know you have a talent? Let’s start believing that we deserve to be bold, to be Bumble, even if it is just in the ways we describe ourselves. I’ll start by introducing myself to you here in this article. I’m Jess and I’m a business owner, IATG chapter leader, and guest blogger. I’m great at what I do and I think a big part of that is because I truly love what I do. I allow passion to lead me.

Give yourself permission to be proud of yourself today. Celebrate yourself with your words and your actions. Find something you rock at and just shout, “I’m great at this!” Trust me, it sounds silly, but it will fill you with excitement and you might even be surprised by how strong your voice is. Perhaps that’s what my friend meant when she said to “toot your own horn.”

So go on, go into your day with a different type of confidence. Try less humble and more bumble, even if it’s just for today. Be the first clap in your own round of applause.