Owner of Pineapple Studios. Founder of Sweet Retreat. And C0-Creater of Sweet + Wilde Magazine.

Living in Wilmington, where I made my dream town my hometown.

Happiest when barefoot. Protector of elephants. Best friends with a dog named Yogi. Believer of faith, grace, and compassion. Gluten and Dairy free. Consumed with 90s nostalgia. Humbled by the ocean. Find's the cure for anything in a road trip with my sister. Obsessed with journals. Feels empathy for Peter Pan. And confident that peanut butter tastes good on everything.

If you can't find me - I'm under water. I am inspired by grief, the ocean, and the power these two things have when combined. I'm inspired by the way the bass thumps when the music is alive and you can feel it in your chest and you become a new vibration. And I'm inspired by the heart ache that can write words like these: